Motivational Interviewing Training in Victoria, BC

After a 10 month break, ETHOS Career Management Group is very pleased to be able to offer you the opportunity to take part in a range of Motivational Interviewing (MI) training sessions that include Level I, Level II and Changing Client Perspectives – Using MI within Groups.

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a communication method intended to move the person toward change, focusing on exploring and resolving ambivalence as a key to eliciting that change. Within MI, change arises through its relevance to the person’s own values and concerns. Developed by W. R. Miller, Ph.D. and S. Rollnick, Ph.D. in 1991, it is consciously directive in that the counsellor/coach elicits and selectively reinforces change talk and also responds to resistance in a manner intended to extinguish it. Within the employment field, this approach provides client-centered interventions and also addresses motivation as a factor influencing successful transitions to the labour market.

Our facilitator, Roxanne Sawatzky is founder of Empowering Change and was the Champion and Project Manager for the application of Stages of Change (SoC) and Motivational Interviewing in the employment sector at Opportunities for Employment in Winnipeg from 2006—2010.  Roxanne successfully managed the 3 year $1.3 million research study that focused on using MI/SoC to overcome job seeker’s ambivalence to attaining employment. This study, funded by the Province of Manitoba and the Federal government included 2400 job seekers. Roxanne trained project staff on the model, and designed the processes, procedures and curriculum used in the successful research study.  Research from the study, available at , predicts that using Stages of Change and Motivational Interviewing based interventions with all program participants would result in a:

  • 25% decrease in releases from employment assistance services
  • 32% increase in first time employment numbers
  • 48% increase in six-month employment retention

To date, over 200 participants have taken part in the ETHOS hosted training, with another 70+ taking part in Roxanne’s training in other communities on Vancouver Island. To date, participants have represented the career development /employment counseling field, addictions, health and corrections.

The training will be:

  • Level I – Thursday Jan 26 – Sat. Jan 28, 2012
  • Level II Monday Jan 30 and Tuesday, Jan 31, 2012
  • Changing Client Perspectives: Using MI within Groups – Wed., Feb 1 and Thursday, Feb 2, 2012

Location: 120-4243 Glanford Avenue, Victoria  (Link to Map)

Registration Fee: $430 plus HST = $481.60  (includes handbook)

Registration Deadline:  Thursday, December 8, 2011

For more information on the training or to register please click on: or contact Elaine Parmenter at


One Response to “Motivational Interviewing Training in Victoria, BC”

  1. Angela West Says:

    I had the pleasure and the privilege of taking the Level I MI/SOC workshop in May 2010, and it was ultimately a highlight in my life, both professionally and personally!

    Communication is key, and what I loved most about the training is that the spirit of MI is about working in partnership as a team with the client as they are most definitely the expert on themselves.

    Roxanne is a superstar facilitator!

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