Courage! What is it and who has it?

Many of us have heard these words and phrases before:

  • Determination
  • Never give up
  • Persistence
  • Overcome adversity
  • Perseverance

But, it is only when we see them in action through someone else’s life story that we truly understand what they actually mean. Some of us feel we have a hard life or have been hard done by. However, when we hear another’s story we can better appreciate how good life has been to most of us. C.J. is one of those people who has a story to tell. Click on the link below to read her story.

Business Works, The Self-Employment Program uses her “Get Clients Now!” program as a key part to our support for clients who are launching their business. When a person is determined to succeed, then eventually they will find a way, learn the right lessons, take the correct steps, keep moving forward, do what it takes in the right way in a timely manner so that in the end it looks easy. C.J.’s story has a happy ending, but it reads like a Hollywood movie script. So, have you had a hard day today, or a hard week? Why not think again!

– Len, Business Coach

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2 Responses to “Courage! What is it and who has it?”

  1. livenowreiki Says:

    Wow! I read C.J.’s story. Her story is compelling. It does a body, mind and spirit good to read others stories. I have subscribed to the Get Clients Now newsletter since I took the training with Business Works and always find it helpful for growing my business. Thanks Ethos.

  2. livenowreiki Says:

    Thank you Ethos for Len!

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