What’s in a Name…Tag that is

I recently conducted an experiment where I wore my business name tag into a retail location. Within 5 minutes, the staff member was calling me by name and asking what it is that I do.  I had my evidence, that 1 x 3 inch piece of plastic is an ice breaker, a marketing tool, a memory jogger and a brand developer.

The Ice Breaker

  • People feel more comfortable approaching someone who is sporting a name tag because they have a conversation starting point. Maybe you share the same last name as someone they know, maybe they know someone at your company, maybe they read about you in the newspaper, maybe…the possibilities are endless!

The Marketing Tool

  • If a fellow networker isn’t familiar with you or your company, then an obvious question will be “what exactly do you do?” This is a perfect opportunity to share your 30-second elevator pitch. Who knows, you may walk away with a lead.

The Memory Jogger

  • Sometimes people are simply too embarrassed to approach you when they have forgotten your name yet remembered your face. Now they can confidently speak with you again because you have eliminated that negative, embarrassing feeling.

The Brand Developer

  • Same colours, same logo, same recognition. The more people see your brand and the more familiar they become with it, the better positioned you are at being called upon when they or their friends need your services/products.

If you don’t know where to get a name tag, ask someone who is wearing one where s/he got it – this is a perfect opening line at your next networking event.  Get the name tag, wear the name tag, and start reaping the benefits of this simple and powerful tool.

~ Jamie, Program Manager


One Response to “What’s in a Name…Tag that is”

  1. Angela West Says:

    …great blog post! people are usually so very grateful when they spy name tags at an event 🙂

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