How to Get Your Focus Back!

You know those days when you have trouble getting anything done, everything seems “out of focus”, even a little blurry, and your ToDo list seems like it’s 10 miles long?  Here are some ideas on how to take a step back, regain your perspective, and start moving forward.

#1, take a break!  Whenever I start feeling “fuzzy”, I know it’s my body telling me it’s time to take a break, so I generally try to listen.  Get up, go for a walk outside, take some deep breaths of fresh air, have a glass of lemon water and a healthy snack, and try to go back to what you were doing; odds are, you’ll be as good as new!

Obviously some tasks are more overwhelming than others, so try focusing on one specific thing at a time, throw the multi-tasking out the window (now there’s another blog post!).

Review your ToDo list, eliminate some tasks, delegate some tasks, and prioritize the rest.  When it all feels right in your brain again, you can get back to what you were doing.

Most importantly, do low-energy type tasks if your energy is low.  Start small and return to the bigger stuff when your energy returns!

When my energy is low, I usually start tidying my desk, organizing a few things that have been ignored for awhile, and when everything is sparkly again, usually I am, too (haha!).

If feeling overwhelmed is the problem, I always journal for a bit; putting things to paper always gets me re-focused and ready to get back in the saddle again!

So when you find yourself in a snail kind of mode (no offense to snails of course!) try several of these ideas and, trust me, you’ll be back to being your productive self in no time!

The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear.”  (Brian Tracy)

~ Angela, Receptionist


2 Responses to “How to Get Your Focus Back!”

  1. Kate Lehmann Says:

    Angela you rock! So, when are you going to start coaching? You inspire me! Thanks.

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