Creating a Less-Stressed Life – Part II

Last week, I wrote on how to create a less-stressed life, this week’s blog post is kind of an add-on to the piece from last week about maintaining an organized living space.

From last week… 


“A cluttered environment completely drains your energy, causing you additional stress!  A beautifully decorated and organized space is soothing, and can be a sanctuary for you where you can escape from the stressors in your life.  Work on de-cluttering your home, and trust me, it will make a world of difference!  Luckily for me, I have never been much of a clutterbug, and earlier this year, I was able to downsize from a 3-bedroom/3-bathroom home to a 736 sq ft 1.5 bedroom condo without much of an effort; in fact, in my old neighbourhood, I was one of only a handful of people who could actually park in their garage.”

For many people, if they’re not already organized, they most desperately want to start, and so people ask me, where do they start?

Try these 5 areas to get your life in order.  Oh and by the way, being organized is a skill, it’s definitely something you can learn, although I’m so incredibly grateful I was born organized, it certainly makes life a lot easier!

1. Take a good look at your vehicle.  Generally speaking, the condition of your vehicle usually mimics what’s going on in your brain.  Is your vehicle full of garbage, papers, etc, is there stuff that’s been in the trunk for years?  If your vehicle is a mess, chances are, the rest of your life is a mess too.  Start with your vehicle, clean it out, and try to do it regularly.

2. The second area to start on is your work area, how messy is your desk?  And just so you know, a cluttered workspace does not necessarily indicate productivity.  Clean up your immediate work area, and you’ll find that not only will you be able to find what you need, but you’ll have more room to get things done.

3. The third area to look at is your ToDo list, so many people don’t even have an organized list of what they need to do, so if you don’t, how do you know what you’re supposed to be doing?  Take the time to create a ToDo list, and keep it where you can see it.

4. Another simple yet effective trick is keeping your mail organized.  Immediately recycle what you don’t want to keep, and place the rest of the mail in an organized space.  Do you have any idea how physical mail actually clutters up many peoples’ homes?  E-mail is another clutterbug issue, but we’ll save that for yet another blog post.

5. Last but certainly not least, keeping your job in check is very, very important, so are you organized at work, or constantly in a state of chaos.  Know your responsibilities so that you can get your work done.  Meet deadlines and try to stay one step ahead of your supervisor.  Being organized in your job can dramatically reduce the stress in other areas of your life.

Organization brings efficiency, and these 5 areas are a great place to start.  Believe me, you’ll find that if you get some of the key areas in your life in order, the other areas will start to fall in place.  So, start today, and get yourself organized!  Happy organizing!

 “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” (Isabella Mary Beeton)

~ Angela, Receptionist


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