The Most Commonly Neglected Time Management Tool

When it comes to time management systems, there are so many tools out there that were created to help keep us organized.  There are address books, calendars, ToDo lists, etc., but when it comes to taking notes, many people end up writing things down anywhere and everywhere, on notepads, margins of handouts, random scraps of paper, sticky notes, even napkins, all of which end up who knows where.  Do you have one place where you put all your notes and after writing them down, can you find them again?

As it turns out, the most common tool missing from our time management ToolBox is the notebook, a simple place to keep all of our notes.

My husband gave me a pink laptop for Valentine’s Day back in 2008, and he had also purchased and installed MS Office 2007 on it so that it would be compatible with my work stuff, and within a few days, I happened to notice a ‘lil addition called OneNote.  For some reason it got my attention, I checked it out immediately, and my life hasn’t been the same since!

OneNote allows free-form information gathering, is basically an electronic version of a paper notebook, and is incredibly user-friendly!  It also allows for multi-user collaboration.  Pages can be moved around inside the binder and one of OneNote’s innovations is the integration of search features and the ability to add screen captures, embedded document scans, and images such as photos and other graphics, as well as URLs.

Capturing information is one thing, but keeping those notes organized and easily accessible is another!  OneNote is the perfect place to store information in a single, easy-to-access location, allowing me to keep all my notes in one centralized and organized place.

Oh and while we’re talking about notes, here are a few tips on note-taking…

Keep all your notes in a single notebook, always keep it with you (I carry mine EVERYWHERE!), review your notes daily, and regularly transfer them to OneNote!

For super quick notes, I use sticky notes which go on my monitor until I get a chance to transfer them, and then they’re gone, so you’ll never find a sticky note “family” on my desk as I prefer my desk to be clear and uncluttered (well most of the time anyways!)

I have OneNote HOME and OneNote WORK and what I like most about this software is how easily accessible my notes are!  Oh and I forgot to mention there’s no “saving”, it just stays exactly how you left it!

Check it out, download a free trial from the Microsoft website, or view a demo on YouTube and if you’re an info-maniac like I am, I guarantee Microsoft’s OneNote will be your new best friend!

Obviously there’s so much more to this software, I’m just covering the “basics”, and no, I’m not getting a “kickback” from Microsoft for this blog post. 🙂

“He listens well who takes notes.” (Dante Alighieri)

-Angela, Receptionist




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