Too Much Talk About Being Too Busy

I read a super great blog post recently about people who constantly brag about being too busy.  Personally when someone “brags” about how busy they are, as well as the fact that they don’t have time to sleep, or relax, or enjoy life, it certainly isn’t impressive, and I’ve been starting to speak up lately about how “out of balance” that is.  I would truly be embarrassed to say I don’t have “time” for the important things in life!  What is absolutely impressive is busy people who have their priorities in place eg family, work, down time, etc.

I’m sure you know people who are always talking about how busy they are, they have too much to do, blah blah blah, maybe they really are busy, maybe they really are working longer hours than others, I think that’s probably the exception rather than the rule.

Sometimes I wonder though if it really isn’t just a disguise, covering up disorganization and inadequate time management skills, oh and please don’t misunderstand me, there are definitely people who are really busy, but they don’t stand around talking about it, because they really are too busy for that kind of conversation.  For example the busiest people I know at work never talk about how busy they are!

Seriously though when did talking about “being too busy” become something to be proud of?  If you are one of those people, maybe you need to ask yourself why are you so busy.

Having a full life makes us feel alive, and life is all about fulfilling dreams, but something many of us tend to do is add too many activities to our schedules, causing our lives to become unbalanced, overly stressful, and unhealthy.

The next time someone is talking about how busy they are, ask them why, it may not be because there isn’t enough time, it may be because of how we are using our time.  Every single one of us has 168 hours in a week, and time is an incredibly valuable resource, so we really should be much smarter about how we spend it.

Ask yourself how busy are you…do you find yourself so busy that you’re always on edge, that you don’t have enough down time, or that you aren’t living the kind of life you were meant to live?  You might need to simplify your busy schedule, maybe even let some things go, and create a lifestyle that reflects what is most important to you!  Check out the “Are You Over-Scheduled” quiz and see what kind of results you get.  The quiz only takes 2-3 minutes, and the questions range from sleep, caffeine, and self-care, to diet and exercise, clutter, and relationships.

Maybe it’s time to assess your life, see what needs changing, and find resources for those changes.  You are the author of your life, so if changes are needed, make them!

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” (William Penn)

– Angela, Receptionist


4 Responses to “Too Much Talk About Being Too Busy”

  1. Jen mcE Says:

    Great post Angela, I finally figured out that even a lightly busy schedule causes me a boatload if anxiety. Not worth it to me, and I’m sure the rest of my family will agree.

  2. William Says:

    I honestly didn’t get to read this through to the end – too busy!

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