Some of the Rules of Business

  1. The first and only rule of retail business is “location, location, location!”
  2. The rule of business is “find a need and fill it, at a profit.”
  3. Target your market by choosing your niche, narrow your focus and broaden your appeal.
  4. Dare to be different and stand out from the crowd of your competitors.
  5. Build a team of suppliers even if they are employees who supply their labour.
  6. Be fast, it will make you distinctive and memorable.
  7. Say “Thank You” a lot, send thank you notes, give thank you gestures, get known as grateful.
  8. Be consistent so every customer gets the same experience from each staff person every time.
  9. Smile! 🙂 Most people buy from you because they like you.
  10. Be a fanatical optimist, it is infectious and fun.
  11. Sell soft, solve their problems, satisfy their wants, do what is best for them, at a profit.
  12. Leave your comfort zone regularly. Accept the challenge of changing who you are.

-Len, Business Coach

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2 Responses to “Some of the Rules of Business”

  1. Angela West Says:

    …yet another great blog post Len!

    These are all great tips and I especially agree with #4 (be unique, be different, people remember that!), #7 (the power of thank you is so huge!), and #8 (consistency is key! many restaurants don’t seem to fully understand this one).

  2. Kate Lehmann Says:

    How true. I love the location one especially because I am mobile and also have a home office treatment space for options. Remember I am also available for evening treatments. Thanks Len. Love and light, Kate.

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