Regaining Your “Life” Balance

Believe it or not, losing our “life” balance happens to each of us from time to time, but the most important thing is how we get back on our feet when it happens! When was the last time you lost your life balance?

Maybe you forgot a super important appointment, or an urgent item was missed on your ToDo list, or perhaps you just made a huge mistake! It happens to the best of us, and the most important part is finding your balance again.

Homeostasis is internal balance, the stable, constant condition of all the systems in your body, the ideal condition you want your body to be in. When things get out of balance, all kinds of bad things can happen, and it usually leaves one feeling out of control. Unfortunately if you stress out your body with poor diet, little or no exercise, lack of sleep etc, it has to work incredibly hard to get back to that balance.

Try one or more of the following ideas to help get your “groove” back…

I personally think that the most important thing of all is to try and keep a positive attitude, sometimes that’s all it takes to help turn things around. Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised to see what happens!

Try to prioritize and figure out what is the one most important thing that will help you get back on your feet. Try moving forward by focusing on that one thing!

Are you starting your days off the way you would like to? That can make all the difference in the world. Planning your day is a good thing, but being prepared for your day is even better as it allows you to react appropriately and stay on track.

I always say hope for the best, prepare for the worst, there is no better way to do that than to have a back-up plan, so always have a Plan B.

Awareness is key, so make sure you are aware of just how much is really going on in your life, and if it helps, make a list of everything because it will most definitely help you to organize and prioritize and even make a few changes if necessary.

“Our role models are all busy, busy, busy. The media portrays very important people as never having a spare moment. Our society has this belief that if you’re not busy, you’re not interesting.”    ~Martin Hayward

-Angela, Receptionist


2 Responses to “Regaining Your “Life” Balance”

  1. Jenny mcE Says:

    Love the quote at the end- I’m not a busy person and it take quite a bit of conscious effort on my part to stay that way. I love being stress free and living life by the seat of my pants for the most part :0). Also, Boring isn’t something too many folks have called me.

    • Angela West Says:

      Yes I thought the quote was an interesting one, my role models are those who work very hard to create a nice balance in their lives, and know how to prioritize! “Busy, busy, busy” people who “never have a spare moment” might just be unorganized and need to work on their time management. I am slow and steady like a little turtle, am usually very calm and always punctual, and my schedule is pretty full, but I also believe in the value of “down time” 🙂 You’ll never catch me saying “I don’t have time” because I believe we all make time for things that are important to us 🙂

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